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SIN formula
opposite leg / hypotenuse
COS formula
adj leg / hypotenuse
you can only use trigonometry with ______ of a triangle.
the actue angles, never the right angle
TAN formula
opposite leg / adjacent leg
Angle of elevation
the angle between the line of sight and the horizontal when looking up (the angle in the bottom left of an example right triangle with the right angle on the right)
Angle of depression
The angle between the line of sight and the horizontal when looking down (equal to the angle of elevation...on the outside when looking across from the top of the triangle)
Law of Cosines
Law of Sines
Sin(A / a = Sin(B / b
to get the interior sum of a convex polygon=
regular polygon
sides and angles are all congruent
ways to prove a quadrilateral is a parallelogram
1) congruent opposite sides
2) congruent pairs of opposite angles
3) Diagonals bisect each other
4) If one pair of opposite sides is both congruent and parallel.
5) consecutive angles are supplementary