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Scalene Triangle is
a triangle with no congruent sides
Isosceles Triangle
atleast two congruent sides
equilateral triangle
three congruent sides
same number of degrees in two or more angles
angle bisector of a triangle
line that bisects an angle(forming two congruent sides) and extends to the other side of triangle
median of a triangle
line that extends from a vertex to the median of the other side in a triangle
prependicular bisector
a line that bisects the center of a line in a triangle and creates a right angle
line from a vertex that extends to create two right angles
obtuse triangle
altitude extends outside of triangle
segment of a triangle opposite a vertex
an assumption applicable to mathematics in general.
an assumption that applies to a particular branch of mathematics, such as geometry.
Axiom 1
Things equal (or congruent) to the same or equal (or congruent) things are equal (or congruent) to each other.
Axiom 2
A quantity may be substituted for its equal in any expression or equation.(substitution axiom)
Axiom 3
The whole equals the sum of its parts.
Axiom 4
Any quantity equals (is equivalent to) itself.(identity)
Axiom 5
If equals are added to equals, the sums are equal.(Addition Axiom)
Axiom 6
If equals are subtracted from equals, the differences are equal. (Subtraction Axiom)
Axiom 7
If equals are multiplied by equals, the products are equal. Also, doubles of equals are equal. (Multiplication Axiom)
Axiom 8
If equals are divided by equals, the quotients are equal. Also halves of equals are equal. (Division Axiom)