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Measured in cubic units, ______ is the space inside a three dimensional figure.
All three sides of this triangle are of equal lengths.
Equilateral Triangle
The ______ of a circle is a straight line segment drawn from the center to one point on the circle.
This quadrillaterial has two pairs of parallel sides.
Some other common polygones and thier number of sides and angles are:

pentagon - 5
hexagon - 6
heptagon - 7
octagon - 8
nonagon - 9
decagon - 10
_____ and _________ are not polyhedrons because thier faces are not polygons. But they are three dimensional figures occupying space.
Cones and Cylinders
Two angles, equal in measure, that lie on the same side of a transversal line are called _____________ ______.
Corresponding Angles
____________ _____ are lines that meet (intersect) at only one point.
Intersecting Lines
A ____ _______ is part of a straight line that starts and stops at specific points.
Line Segment
A ____ is an infinite number of points that are aligned with each other.
A _____ is an exact location in space.
The ______ is the common end point of 2 rays that form an angle.
An _____ is a figure formed by 2 rays that have a common end point.
An ______ angle measures between 90' and 180'.
An _____ angle measures between 0' and 90'.
A __________ is a calibrated tool used to measure the degree of an angle.
A ________ angle measures exactly 180'.
A _____ angle measures exactly 90'.
A ___________ is a straight line that intersects 2 or more straight lines at different angles.
The angles formed by two intersecting lines are called ________ ______.
Vertical Angles
Two lines that intersect to form a right angle are _____________ _____.
Perpendicular Lines
A pair of non-adjacent interior angles lying on opposite sides of a transversal are called _________ ________ angles.
Alternate Interior
A ___ is part of a line that has one end point, and goes on and on in one direction.
________ angles are two angles with a common vertex and a common side.
_____________ angles are two angles totalling 90'.

They do not need to be adjacent.
_____________ angles are two angles totalling 180'.

They do not need to be adjacent.
The angles, made by two lines and their transversal, that lie outside the lines 2 lines are ________ angles.
The angles, made by 2 lines and thier tranversal, that lie inside the two lines are called ________ angles.
A pair of non-adjacent exterior angles, lying on opposite sides of a transversal, are called ________ ________ angles.
Alternate Exterior
Two lines that are on the same plane and do not intersect are called ________ _____.
Parallel Lines
A _______ is a closed, plane figure with three or more sides. It has the same number of angles as it has sides.
A ________ is a three sided polygon with angles totalling 180'.
This triangle has sides of three different lengths.
Scalene Triangle
This triangle has two sides of equal lengths.
Isosceles Triangle
All the angles in this triangle measure between 0' and 90'.
Acute Triangle
One angle in this triangle measures exactly 90'.
Right Triangle
One angle in this triangle measures between 90' and 180'.
Obtuse Triangle
This closed figure has four sides with four angles totalling 360'.
This quadrillaterial is a rectangle with all four sides of equal length.
This quadrillaterial is a parallelogram with 4 right angles.
This quadrillaterial has only one pair of parallel sides.
A ______ is a plane geomtric figure, with all it's points the same distance from a given point called the center.
The ________ of a circle is a straight line segment drawn through it's center, with 2 points of the circle as endpoints.
The distance around a geometric figure is called the _________.
The distance around a circle is called the ____________.
Measured in square units, this number indicates the inside size of a plane geometric figure.
This geometric figure has multiple faces (sides) shaped like polygons. They are also three dimensional figures that occupy space.
This polyhedron has bases that are the same size and are also parallel.
This polyhedron has one base. All the sides are triangular and share the same vertex.
_________ _______ are figures that are the same size and shape. The parts of these figures, that are in the same relative position, are call Corresponding parts.
Congruent Figures