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What are the three levels in class?
1. hw
2. quizzes & projects
3. tests & exams
How often will quizzes be given?
every day
how long in advance will a teacher tell you of a test?
2 days
When are you supposed to be in your seat?
when the bell begins to ring (unless doing a hw problem on the board)
When are POW's handed out and expected to be handed in?
On a friday and expected due the following friday
Are POW's required work or extra credit?
required work that can lead up to extra credit
On homework, do all the figures have to be copied?
how long should a student review and study notes?
30-40 minutes
how many points are homework assignments worth if handed in on time? Incompleted?
2 points for complete work
1-0 points for incompleted work
Is each student expected to present homework problems at the board each quarter?
If an absence occurs during a test day, when is the student expected to take the test?
the day they return to school. If they dont, their grade will be lowered by 10%