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PoR #2
Diagonals are _____
Alternate interior angles congruent imply
Parallel lines
Prove that a figure is a square
4 right angles (if it's a quad)
Parallelogram with 1 right angle
Parallelogam with congruent diagonals
The measure of the exterior angle of a triangle is greater than
the measure of either remote interior angle
Prove that a quadrilateral is a parallelogram.
Both opposite pairs parallel
Both opposite pairs congruent
One pair of sides parallel and congruent
Diagonals bisect each other
Opposite angles congruent
PoIT #2
Definition 2 (of trapezoid)
Bases are parallel
Prove that a quadrilateral is a rhombus.
Quad with all sides congruent
Parallelogram with 2 adjacent sides congruent
Diagonals perp. bisectors of each other
Parallelogram with one diagonal bisecting the angles
Alternate exterior angles congruent imply
parallel lines
Proce that a quad is a kite.
2 pairs of congruent disjoint sides
Quad with one diagonal perp. bisector of the other
Corresponding angles congruent imply
parallel lines
Prove that a quadrilateral is a square.
If it is a rectangle and a rhombus.
Same-side exterior angles supplimentary imply
Parallel lines
Prove that a quadrilateral is an isoceles trapezoid.
If it's a trapezoid with non parallel sides congruent
If the lower/upper base angles are congruent
If the diagonals are congruent
Same-side interior angles supplimentary imply
parallel lines
Parallel lines imply alternate interior angles
Parallel lines imply alternate exterior angles
Parallel lines imply same-side interior angles
PoIT #4
1 ____ and 1 ____ base ___ ____
Upper; lower; angle supplimentary
PoP #2
Opposite sides are___
lower base angles
the two angles situated on the lower base of a trapezoid
Properties of an Isoceles Trapezoid
1 Legs are congruent
2 Bases are parallel
3 Upper and lower base angles are congruent
4 1 lower and 1 upper base angle suppl.
5 diagonals congruent
Parallel lines imply same-side exterior angles
PoP #1
Opposite sides parallel
Properties of a Rhombus
1-5 Parallelograms
8 all sides congruent (definition)
9 Diagonals bisect the angles
10 Diagonals are perp. bis. of each other
11 Diagonals form 4 congruent right triangles
Find the number of vertices and diagonals in a 20-sided figure
20-3= 17, the number of vertices
20 times 17=340, divided by 2=170, the number of diagonals
PoR #2
Diagonals bisect the ___
angles of the rhombus
Terms: diagonal
any segment that connects two nonconsecutive vertices of the polygon
PoP #4
Consecutive angles ____
Transitive Property of Parallel Lines
if 2 lines are parallel to a third line, they're parallel to each other.
Coplanar lines perpendicular to a third line imply
Parallel lines
parallelogram with all angles right angles
PoP #5
Diagonals _________
bisect each other
Properties of a Kite
1 2 pairs of congruent disjoint sides
2 One pair of congruent angles
3 1 diagonal is perp. bis. of the other
4 1 diagonal bisects the angles
Parallel postulate
Through a point on a line there is exactly one parallel to the given line
4-sided polygon
PoIT #1
Definition 1
both legs congruent
PoR #4
Diagonals form 4 ____
Congruent right triangles
Properties of a Rectangle
1-5 Parallelograms
6 All angles right angles
7 Diagonals are congruent
PoRh #3
Diagonals are ___ of each other
Perpendicular bisectors
a quadrilateral in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel
PoR #1
All angles _____
Right angles
Parallel lines imply corresponding angles
Properties of a Parallelogram
1 Opposite sides parallel (definition)
2 Opp. sides congruent
3 Opp. angles congruent
4 Consecutive angles supplimentary
5 Diagonals bisect each other
PoK #3
1 diagonal is _____ of the other
Perpendicular bisector
PoIT #5
Diagonals ____
PoK #1
Quadrilateral with two pairs of congruent disjoint sides
a parallelogram in which at least two consecutive sides are congruent
a parallelogram that is both a rectangle and a rhombus
PoRh #1
Parallelogram w/ all sides congruent
quadrilateral in which two pairs of disjoint sides are congruent
Properties of a Square
Everything true about parallelograms, rhombuses, and rectangles=true about squares
PoIT #3
___ and ____ base angles ____
Upper; lower; congruent
a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides
the parallel sides of a trapezoid
PoP #3
Opposite angles ____
isoceles trapezoid
a trapezoid in which the two legs are congruent
PoK #2
One pair of ____
Congruent angles
PoK #4
1 diagonal _________
bisects the angles