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what is a degree?
a unit of angle mesurement.
what is a factor?
when two or more numbers are multiplied each of the numbers is a factor of a product.
what is an angle?
a figure formed by two different rays that have the same end point.
what is a base of power?
the number that is used as a factor a given number times?
what is a comman factor?
a factor f two or more intagers.
what is a positve number?
a number paired with a point on the positive side of a number line.
what is a quadrant?
one of the four regions into wich the cordinatne axes seperate the plane.
what is radical?
an expression in the form *check mark* a
what is slope of a line?
two different points on a line.
what is x axis?
the horizantal axis in the cordinate plane