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What is a line?
A straight path that continues without end in both directions.
What is a line segment?
A part of a line that has two end points.
What is a ray?
A part of a line that has one end point and the other end continues forever.
What are parallel lines?
Two lines that never meet.
What are perpendicular lines?
Two lines that meet and make a square corner (90º).
What is an acute angle?
An angle larger than 0º and smaller than 90º.
What is an obtuse angle?
An angle that is larger than 90º and smaller than 180º.
What is a right angle?
An angle that is 90º.
What is a polygon?
A closed figure with sides that are line segments.
What is a quadrilateral?
A polygon with 4 sides.
What is a pentagon?
A polygon with 5 sides.
What is a parallelogram?
A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel lines.
What is a hexagon?
A polygon with 6 sides.
What is a triangle?
A polygon with 3 sides.
What is an octagon?
A polygon with 8 sides.
What is a rhombus?
A quadrilateral with four equal sides.