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angle sum theorum
the angles of a triangle equal 180
ruler postulate
the points in a line can be numbered so that the postitive number differences measure distances
protractor postulate
the rays of a half rotation can be numbered from 0-180 so that positive number differences measure angles
betweeness of points
if A-B-C, then AB+ BC= AC
exterior angle theorum
an exterior angle of a triangle is greater than either remote interior
triangle inequality theorum
the sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side
the parallel postulate
through a point not on a line, there is exactly
the midsegment theorum
a midsegment of a triangle is parallel to the third side and half as long
the side splitter theorum
if a line parallel to one side of a triangle intersects the other two in different points, it divides the sides in teh same ratio
concurrent lines
lines that contain the same point
the point that divides a line segment into two equal segments