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What is a monadnock?
An isolated mountain made by magma.
Stone, Arrabia
What is erosion?
When the rock, land, and minerals gets moved from one place to another, or gets destroyed.
water, wind
What is Physical Weathering?
When the rocks are broken up into smaller pieces, but there chemical composition doesn't change.
temperature, frost, water
What is Chemical Weathering?
When changes occur in the chemical composition of a rock or mineral.
oxidation, carbonation
What is exfoliation?
When curved slabs of rock break of its surface.
Stone mountain, big rocks.
What is weathering?
The breaking down of rocks and other minerals on earths surface.
Weak granite
What is a Weathering pit?
A weathering pit is a small hole on the surface of earth that slowly creates soil and plants.
Lighting, comets.
What is a Rock Pool?
A rock pool is a small pool on the surface of stone mountain, usually containing small shrimp and/or tadpoles.
What is a dike?
Dikes are white stripes that have been naturally filled with quartz.
What is a joint?
Cracks that appear in mountains due to cooling.