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Groundwater storage and flow relate geologically to:
porosity and permeability, respectively
Why is the water table a potentiometric surface?
because groundwater flows at typically only a few centimeters per day
What is not a major control on the climate at a given location on earth?
oxygen isotope ratio of local water
Why is the water table a potentiometric surface?
because groundwater flows at typically only a few centimeters per day
Which of the following influences climate the most over millions of years?
variations in the carbon cycle
What climate conditions are we living in today?
icehouse conditions
About how much lower was the sea lever 18000 years ago?
100 meters
Which of the following could be used to reconstruct ice limits from previous glaciations?
all of the above
CO2 is the only greenhouse gas
The best record of climate change over the past million years of so is:
oxygen isotopes in marine sediments
Which of the following statements is true?
volumes of reservoirs can change in the hydrologic cycle
A major driver of oceanic circulation is density. This type of circulation is known as:
When buying a house, the morgage company will do a flood-risk analysis. They will essentially be checking:
if the house sits on the floodplain
It is possible for 100yr floods on a river system to occur twice in the same year.
The nearest place to stand on the eastern continental divide is:
South Main Street
The difference between a braided stream and a meandering stream is probably:
sediment load
The Mississippi River has:
high capacity
Sand at the bottom of a river moves by:
River discharge:
increases downstream
Stream power:
increases downstream
A stream that flows only when it rains is:
A natural, positive feedback effect is:
river meandering
What is need to calculate river discharge?
average velocity, cross sectional area of river
Which is not an example of a constructional landscape?
glacial valley
The most effective form of erosion (where it counts) is:
glacial erosion
Which of the following is an example of mass wasting?
soil creep
which of the following rock units would make a good aquitard?
the biggest user of water in the US is:
The bottom line with respect to water resources in the US comes down to:
Which of the following is a common natural groundwater contaminant?
Yucca Mountain is:
proposed nuclear waste repository
What does not happen as waves approach a shoreline?
amplitude increases
Which of the following has the longest residence time in the ocean?
Streams in the Valley and Ridge have what sort of network?
Which of the following has the longest residence time in the ocean?
Which of the following is true of rivers?
discharge is greater downstream
A typical angle of repose for grandular material with no cohesion is:
30 degrees
How much water is used per capita in the US each day?
6000 liters
Which would be the best bedrock to drill in for groundwater?
An example of a volcanic eruption well predicted by USGS scientists:
Mt. Pinatubo
Silt depostied by air, commonly during dry, cold glacial climates, is called:
The most costly form of mass wasting is:
Soil creep
Which orbital variation has the shortest frequency of variation?
Which H20 sample of the following would have the greatest concentration of O18?
the oceans - during the last Ice Age
A place where base-level has fallen over the past few million years, resulting in incision is:
Grand Canyon
About how long does it take for any given water molecule in the ocean to pass through the hydrologic cycle?
3200 years
Residence time of chemicals in the oceans is largely controlled by the rate of flux into the oceans from rivers and:
the chemical's solubility
What is the residence time of a weenie on a 7-11 weenie rack?
If you had James Bond's submersible car, and drove into the ocean at Virginia Beach and headed east, you would:
be at a few hundred meters depth for the first few hundred miles
If caught in a rip-current, to survive you must:
swim parallel to shore
the primary cause of the "sand budget" on beaches is:
longshore drift
Which of the following reservoirs from the hydrologic cycle is the biggest?
glaciers, ice
Solar energy is the driving energy source for the hydrologic cycle.