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the capacity to do work to cause something to happen or change
an item that can be employed for a purpose
something that can be used to produce energy
energy resource
matter that stores energy
oil, gas, and coal
fossil fuels
chemical reaction that helps plants produce sugar
chain-like or ring-like molecules made of carbon and hydrogen atoms
a chemical that is made up of living organisms
organic chemical
muddy organic ooze that lithifies and becomes organic shale
source rock
a waxy molecule that is created through a chemical reaction that transforms organic matter in the shale into...
shale containing kerogen
oil shale
the temperature within which oil can be formed
oil window
the known supply of oil and gas held underground
hydrocarbon reserve
creation of hydrocarbons (plankton and algae)
hydrocarbon generation
rocks that contain an abundant amount of easily accessible oil and gas
reservoir rock
the space in the form of open spaces
amount of open space in a rock
the degree to which pore spaces connect to one another
where oil or gas escapes from the earth
oil seep
for an oil reserve to exist it must be caught underground this is called a ...
impermeable rock such as shale salt or unfractured limestone that stops the hydrocarbons from rising
seal rock
a special vibrating truck or a dynamite explosion sends seismic waves that reflect off the rock layers creating a ...
seismic-reflection profile
a vertical pipe used to distill crude oil
distillation column
sand containing such high concentration of bitumen is know as ...
tar sand