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Breakup of Pangaea
During mesozoic it dominates
Mid-cont rift at sutures
Triassic:-Gondwana 1st to separate, then Laurasia
-Laursia:Himalaya type mtns w/in continent PC basement remains-Opens Up N. Atlantic Ocean
Jurassic:-India north
-Gulf of Mex forms, vaporites
Cretaceous:-S. Atlantic Ocean forms-Australia separates-India continues N
Oceanic Circulation
Triassic: no E-W circulation, superdry interior
E-W Circulation, complex and fast, wetter interior, rainfall patterns
Triassic Clastics and Sills
rifts cause erosion of mtns
thick sediments w/ basalt sills
E Coast only
Palisades Sill
Basalt sills, vertical fractures from N Atlantic spreading
-Precambrian basement
remains intact w/ additions to the continent
Mesozoic Additions
NW N.A. microcontinents OC/OC subduction(Indonesia) forming volcanoes, become CC in N.A.
Granitic Batholith
-Sierra Nevada Batholith
-Yosemite NP
Convergent boundary, subduction zone, Ig injected into Paleozoic sed rocks.
Largest amount of Gr rocks in the world Adds to West
(currently Uplifted)
Accretionary Wedges
-San Francisco
-Franciscan Complex
Plaster and glue to W of N.A. continent
Alcatraz is exposed Acc wedge
Thrust Faulting
Low angle reverse faulting
-older sediment shoved on top of younger sediment
Interior “Eastern” Deformation
-Shallow Subduction
OC is melted further under continent to cause deformation further to the interior of the continent
Triassic Chinle Fm
-Petrified Forest NP
Tr Sed rock
Jurassic Navajo SS
Winddunes on barrier islands
Jurassic Morrison FM
Most dino bones in the world are found here. Largest formation of Dino bones. Swampy envoirnment. SH-STS vegetation. LS
Sundance Sea
Sea was from Cananda to TX through alot of Jurassic(80my)retreats to form swampy enviornment.
Jurassic Paluxy River – Glen Rose, TX
From waxing/waning of Sundance sea, swampy intertidal tropical climate. Lime Mud/Mudstone Jurssic.
Preserved dino prints in mud
Cretaceous Interior Seaway
100's of ft deep, no ice caps, high temps, high sea levels
Salt Domes
Halite(evaporite) Gulf of Mexico
responsible for onshore/offshore oil/gas extration/storage, domes bouantly rise through sediment.(teardrops)
Mid-Ocean Ridge
Higher sea level explaination. Increased development raises crust, spreads, cools slower, and pushes oceans up onto continents.
K Austin Chalk
Outcrop of LS (coccoliths) opean seaway chalk deposition.
Oil, Gas, Minerals
Spindletop, oil pools around salt domes in sediments
Stratigic oil reserves
Jurassic Louann Salt
-Oil/Gas extraction
-Oil/Gas storage
-Salt Extraction
-Sulfur Extraction
Same as Austin chalk, English Channel drilled trough from UK to France.
Cliffs of Normandy are K Austin chalk
Avery Island
Salt extraction, on top of salt dome, honeyombed out, now chile is grown for tabasco
Athabascan Tar Sands
300B in oil reserves(Saudi is 192b) Stuck in tar, expensive to exract.
Mesozoic Mineral Resources
Largest amount forund in the Mesozoic