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What is the driving force of mass movement?
Mass movements are classified according to how fast they move. How do mass movements move?
Some mass movements move slow and others move fast.
What should you know about a slope?
Earth materials do maintain their shape or integrity. Materials are more coherent, not as plastic as a debris flow, except in the area of the toe.
Will a geologic report ensure thant you will never have any sloe instability problems?
The angle of repose is defined as the _________ to which dry loose material can accumulate.
Maximum stable angle
Describe the speed of the following mass movements?
rock falls
soil creep
debris flows
rock falls: rapid
soil creep: slow
debris flows: rapid
Name three ways to recognize the presence of mass movements.
a. scarps
b. rolling topography
c. tilted trees
(this is only 3 out of 9)
Name three factors that aid gravity in causing slope instability.
a. water
b. earthquakes
c. forest fires
(this is only 3 out of 9)
Which sloope is more stable, a dip slope, or a slope where the beds dip into the hillside?
dip slope
Would you expect to find permafros in
Texas, Greenland, Alaska, and Egypt
Only in Greenland and Alaska
What are two types of fluid flow?
Laminar and Turbulant
Do the following parameters increase or decrease in a down stream direction?
The gradiant decreases, and all others increase.
Define discharge?
The amount of water passing a given point per unit in time.
Can a stream erode its channel below base leve?
The lowest part of Death Valley is -282 ft. What is the current base level elevation of the streams that flow into Death Valley?
-282 ft.