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Geologists often use examples of processes happening in the present to interpret evidence of things that happened in the past. This geological approach is called

The best evidence for the theory of continental drift is
fossils of the same species found on widely separated continents
What is happening as a result of this widening of the ocean floor?
An undersea mountain ridge is forming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
The crustal plates of Earth move due to being dragged along with
convection currents in the mantle.
Which is the name of the one large continent that scientists believe existed 250 million years ago?
The change in the magnetic orientation pattern on the oceanic crust directly supports the theory of
seafloor spreading
Sedimentary rocks are typically formed
by erupting volcanoes
Nearly 100 years ago, a large volcano erupted in the South Pacific. The following year, some northeastern cities in the United States recorded measurable snowfall every month of the year. Most of the Northern Hemisphere experienced a cold summer. Which explains how these events were related?
Atmospheric dust from the eruption caused a decrease in the amount of solar energy reaching Earth.