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The 2 Eons
Phanerozoic and Precambrian
The 2 eras of the Precambrian and their age
Proterozoic (542±10 mya)
Archean (2500±200 mya)
The 3 eras of the the Phanerozoic and the age
Paleozoic (251±5 mya)
Mesozoic (65±3 mya)
Cenozoic (now)
The 9 periods of the Paleozoic
Permian (P), Carboniferous (C) (split into Pennsylvanian (P) and Mississippian (M)), Devonian (D), Silurian (S), Ordovician (O), and Cambrian (C)
The 3 periods of the Mesozoic
Cretaceous (K), Jurassic (J), and Triassic (Tr)
The 4 periods of the Cenozoic
Quaternary (Q) and Tertiary (split into Neogene (NG) and Paleogene (PG)
The 2 epochs of the Quaternary
Recent and Pleistocene
The 2 epochs of the Neogene
Pliocene and Miocene
The 3 epochs of the Paleogene
Oligocene, Eocene and Paleocene