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What is weathering?
Earth's agent physically breaking down rock
What is erosion?
transportation of weathered materials
What is the importance of the study of weathering and erosion?
- enriches soils by releasing minerals
- study of natural destruction on structures
What is chemical weathering?
when the chemical compostion of minerals/rocks is changed
What is mechanical weathering?
physical break down of rock but chemical composition remains the same
throwing, hitting, EEee-ya!
What are the (3) types of Mechanical Weathering
1) Exfoliation
2) Frost Wedging
3) Abrasion
pressure is released, expands, and separates into sheets and breaks
Frost Wedging
water enters rock cracks, freezes, and expands to enlarge the crack and break
rocks collide and scrape each other surfaces
What is soil?
most common and valuable product of weathering
What are the layers / horizons of soil?
O, A, E, B, C
top ---> bottom
Characteristics of O level?
- loose organic material
- considering top soil
Characteristics of A level?
- inorganic matter
- top soil
- humus
Characteristics of E level?
little of no organic matter
Characteristics of B level?
- illuviation
- contains materials from previous layers
Characteristics of C level?
- weathered parent material
- partially oxidized
- weathered bedrock
Types of soil?
(1) Laterites
(2) Pedocals
(3) Pedalfers
Laterite soil
- extensive weathering
- moist climates
- rainforests
- not furtile
- arid, sparse plant life
- Rich / organic
- forestry
- varying climates
- our land