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How are sedimentary rocks formed
Solid cohesive mass formed after compaction and cementation - lithification
How do we classify sedimentary rocks
less than 1/256 mm = clay
between 1/256 to 1/16 is siltstone
between 1/16 to 2 mm is sandstone
more than 2 mm is conglomerate
How are coquina and coal formed
Coquina is formed by the combination of organic debris and inorganic precipitates

Coal is plant debris
How are metamorphic rocks formed?
Formed under the influence of heat and/or pressure and/or fluids
What are the 3 steps of metamorphism
Recrystallization is when the minerals grow larger

Neomineralization is when growth of new minerals stems from the old minerals

Deformation is when the rock is stretched, compressed in solid, or folded in a plastic state
What are some sources of Pressure
Burial applies equal pressure in all directions

Tectonic Differential applies directed stress
What are some sources of Temperature
Thermal gradient which means that the heat will increase by about 20 to 30 C degress every km of depth

Intrustion of magma
What is the difference between regional and contact metamorphism
With contact meta there is a presence of a local source of pressure or temp such as hot magma

With regional meta there is Pressure and/or Temp in a larer scale covering a much wider area, such as mountain building, regional meta rocks are usually characterized by their formation due to directed stress
What do minerals with a foliated texture look like
Minerals arranged in a parallel fashion
Name some foliated rocks
slate, phyllite, micaschist, gneiss
What are the rock sources or parent rocks of quartzite, marble, orthogneiss, amplhibolite
sandstone for quartzite
limestone for marble
granite for orthogneiss
basalt for amplhibolite
What kind of composition are the oceanic crust and continental crust
oceanic is basaltic
continental is granite