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Metamorphism that forms around igneous intrusions:
Contact metamorphism
Nonfoliated metamorphic rock with interlocking crystals and a sugary appearance:
Form from the alteration of existing rocks:
Metamorphic rocks
What are the 4 metamorphic rocks w/ foliated textures?
1) Slate (slaty)
2) Phyllite (slaty/schistose)
3) Schist (schistose)
4) Gneiss (gneissic)
What metamorphic rock is commonly mined for talc which is used for ceramic glazes, paint fillers, and roofing materials?
What type of texture will a rock have if it undergoes differential stress?
Foliated texture
In which metamorphic environment did the Appalachian Mountains form in?
Regional metamorphism
Nonofoliated metamorphic rock that effervesces in weak acid:
What changes occur as a rock undergoes metamorphism?
Changes in grain size and a change in composition.
A zone of metamorphic rock that lies around an igneous intrusion:
Metamorphic aureole
The parallel or linear alignment of features in a metamorphic rock:
What does metamorphic mean?
“Changed form”
Fine-grained foliated metamorphic rock w/ a silky luster:
Develops when a rock undergoes differential stress and changes shape w/out breaking:
Preferred orientation
Marble comes from the metamorphism of what parent rocks?
Limestone and dolostone
The movement of hot fluids through a rock:
What are the 3 primary environments in which metamorphism occurs?
1) Contact metamorphism (metamorphic aureole)
2) Dynamic metamorphism (mylonite)
3) Regional metamorphism
The gemstones aventurine, greenlandite, and red jade are forms of which metamorphic rock?
What metamorphic rock contains vermiculte that is used in potting soil?
What metamorphic rock is commonly found in Newfoundland, Canada?
What are the 2 nonfoliated metamorphic rocks?
1) marble
2) quartzite
Metamorphism that forms along faults, and has a tremendous amount of pressure:
Dynamic metamorphism
Stress that is different in various directions:
Differential stress
What 3 factors cause metamorphism in rocks?
1) heat
2) pressure
3) metasomatism
Is foliation a good thing or a bad thing?
Bad – the more foliation a rock has, the weaker it is.
Foliated metamorphic rock that contains visible platy minerals:
Fine-grained foliated metamorphic rock that splits easily into thin sheets:
Where can some of the oldest gneiss rocks (2.9 billion years) be seen?
Crushed and pulverized rock found along a fault; very dense:
Rock in which the degree of metamorphism is so high, that it creates dark and light stripes on the rock:
What state has been a leading provider of marble in the U.S.?
What mineral is commonly mined from schist?
What is the most difficult metamorphic rock to identify?
What are the 2 primary minerals found in garnet-mica schist?
Biotite and muscovite
Metamorphism that is very widespread; occurs along converging plate boundaries:
Regional metamorphism