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formed by the cooling and solidification of molten rocks.
Igneous rocks
are composed of particles of gravel, sand, silt, and clay that were eroded from already existing rocks.
Sedimentary rocks
are formed from igneous and sedimentary rocks by earth forces that generate heat, pressure, or chemical reaction.
Metamorphic rocks
granite may become:
means "changed shape"
under great pressure, shale becomes:
Alfred Wegener believed that all landmasses were once united in one supercontinent, and that over many millions of years the continents broke away from each other slowly drifting to their current positions. (1st)
Continental drift
The lithoshpere is broken into about 12 large and many small, rigid plates that slides or drifts very slowly over the heavy, semimolten asthenosphere.
Plate tectonics
Breaks or fractures in rock produced by stress or the movement of lithospheric plates.
Above the earth's interior is a partially molten layer called:
a thin but strong solid shell of rocks, which the outer, lighter portion is the earth's crust.
Map of locations of young volcanoes and the epicenters of earthquakes
"Ring of Fire"
The process by which one lithospheric plate is forced down into the asthenosphere as a result of a collision with another plate.
the great pressure acting on the plates that deforms them by folding, twisting, warping, breaking, or compressing rock.
is the force that transports heated material to or toward the surface of the earth.