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Medieval City
City with walls
commerical crops
you sell what you grow
Port City
City surrounded by water
Polis Metropolis
any contemporary city
Third Agriculture Revolution
1950's-today. Green & Scientific revolution
Second Agriculture Revolution
1700's. Industrial & Medical Revolution.
First Agriculture Revolution
initial domestication of plants/animals.
luxury non-food crops
rubber, tobacco, cotton
luxury food crops
sugar, tea, coffee
Green Revolution
invention of more productive agriculture techniques during the 1970's and 1980's.
fired clay
Relationship of farming to other businesses
A flooded rice field
Agriculture hearth
Yellow River Valley (Huange He)
Agriculture hearth
Indus River Valley
Agriculture hearth
Fertile crescent
Agriculture hearth
Pastoral nomadism
form of subsistence agriculture based on the hearding of domesticated animals.
Seasonal migration of livestock between mountains and lowland pasture areas.
shifting cultivation
an area is harvested for a number of years, then a new planting area is prepared and used.
cleared area of land
slah-and-burn agriculture
clearing land for planting by slashing vegetation and burning the debris.
commercial agriculture
you sell what you grow.
subsistence agriculture
you eat what you grow
vegetative planting
reproduction of plants by direct cloning from existing plants.
seed planting
reproduction of plants through annual planting of seeds that result from sexual fertilization
deliberate modification of Earth's surface through cultivation of plants & rearing of animals to obtain sustenance or economic.