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Where is the suez canal located, and what seas does it connect?
Egypt, Mediterranean Sea and Red sea
How many degrees of longitude circle Earth?
360 degrees
What is the capital of Italy?
What continents have land in the Tropics?
Asia, North America, Austraila, Africa, and South America
Which costal area of South America has the highest evevation on North,East,west? What is the name of teh land for in that area?
west, Andes Mts.
Which continent has more land North America or South America?
North America
What is the line of latitude called that is located at 23 and 30 degrees S?
Tropic of Capricorn
In what ocean could you go swimming if you were in San deigo California?
The Pacific
What sea bordered by Europe, africa, And Asia?
Mediterranean Sea
Name the three states that border lake superior?
Michigan,Wisiconsin, and Minnesota
If you include Minnesota, Louisana, Alaska, and Hawaii, how many states are west of the Mississippi?
Which country usually celebrates New Year's first , the United Kingdom or France? How do you know?
France, because it is fartheredt North
What does a circle with a star in the middle usually mean on a map? What mane would be next to this symbol is chile?
National Capitial, Santiago
In general, are the highest elevations found in the East or West?
Greenland and New Guinea are two islands with the largest land area in the world. To which hemispheres are they in?
Southeast for New guinea and Northwest for Greenland.
What lines measure distances from eithier sides of the equator to the poles?
Which continents touch teh 70 degrees west lines og longitute?
Anartica, north nad South America?
What do green areas on physical or elevation maps usually mean?
What is the capitial of Switerzerland?