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why does Canada have a favourable geographic make up?
because can identify patterns over space and time, can better predict (natural hazards), can avoid land use conflicts, can better manage/protect the environment and many career areas stem from geography(urban planning, geologist, environmental studies, ect.)
Population Pyramids can tell us what about the country?
they can tell us what the death and birth rate are, whether it is a DC or a LDC country, teh life expectancy, and problems facing the country now and in the future
Explain the term "LOWER".
Latitude-as it increases temp. decreases
Ocean Currents-warm and cold ocean currents affect temp. accordingly
Winds-coming over land=dry, coming over=moist
Elevation-increase in it =decrease in temp. and drier further up similar to further north
Relief Feature-dry location on leeward side
What is IJC.
International Joint Commission- an organization that deals with common water issues between Canada and the USA.
Explain the Kyoto agreement.
-169 countries as of April 2007
-reduces amount of CO2
-helps reduce air pollution
-USA not signed because they believe they can set a higher standard of reducing air pollution.