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What is the small drawing on a map that can help you find directions?
a compass rose
What are the intermediate directions?
northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest
What stands for or represents something else on a map?
a symbol
What gives the meaning of each symbol used on a map?
the map key
What shows the size difference between distances on a map and the real distances?
map scale
What is the small map or globe set onto another map that shows where the larger map is located?
What is the round object or sphere that is a small copy of our earth?
What are the Earth's largest bodies of water called?
What is the word for half of a globe or sphere?
What are the four hemispheres?
the Northern Hemisphere,
the Southern Hemisphere,
the Eastern Hemisphere, and
the Western Hemisphere
What is the imaginary line that lies halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole?
the equator
What are the cardinal directions?
north, east, south, and west