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Chinese Tactics to Over take Tibetan Cultures:

Invaded with Military force

Destroyed monasteries, nunneries ad cultural institutions
Chinese Tactics to Over take Tibetan Cultures:

Cultural destruction
Monasteries became tourist sights

Killed Buddhist munks, baned Religious studies

Changed names of places to Chinese names.
Chinese Tactics to Over take Tibetan Cultures:

Changed Demographies
Chinese gaiven incentives to move to tibet: get away from the one child policy.

Tibetans became minority of their own country.
Chinese Tactics to Over take Tibetan Cultures:

Against the Chinese law for tibetans to:

Fly the tibetan flag
Protest chinese occupation
shouting free tibet
Chinese Tactics to Over take Tibetan Cultures:

Enviromental change
Desertification, Deforestation, Dam construction, endangered species, Nuclear waste
Tibetan Response
many Tibetans have fled tibet and risked their lives, many refugees around
Chinese Response
The Chinese don't understand why the tibetans don't like them being there...they feel as though they have liberated tibet.
Dahli lama and Non-violent strategies
Tenzin Gyato-14th dahli Lama traveled 40 years raising awareness of tibetan issues. Uses education vs weapons to attract attention and pressure towards the Chinese.
What are the overall effects of Tibetan situation?
Tibetan Buddhism has spread around the globe.
Tibet has emerged as a global cause, especially because of the peaceful, mystical, and spiritual image that “Tibet” has
Where is Deforestation happening most rapidly?
equatorial countries especially Southeast Asia
What are some causes and effects of Deforestation?
Over farming the land
Lack of rainfall

Loss of species
Loss of traditional habitats
Who are the "Ecology Monks of Thailand"?
Its a formation of social movements and alliances who protect forests. They use buddhist teachings to help local people solve social problems.
What was the problem Giew Muang tried to solve?
How did Giew Muang bring local, buddhist, and governmental beliefs to save the community forest in his village?
First he educated the local people...then applied the buddhist beliefs of all living things
What was the Tree Ordination Ceremony in 1990?
It was how the Buddhist marked the forests as sacred and belonging to the communites.
Define Ecotourism
enviromentally oriented tourism designed to protect the enviroment sometimes to offer economic opportunities to the local people.
Define Xenophobia
A hate or fear of foreigners
What were the grand Canals...and why were they built?
Sui dynasty built the canals to link the northern china to the south for trade purposes.
What was the Opium Wars and who fought them?
Hong Kong VS British...british provoked china into a military response by insisting on being able to trade opium.

Hong Kong was turned over to the British because they lost.
What was the Treaty of Nanking?
When Hong kong was turned over to the British because of the loss of the Opium Wars.
What was the great Leap forward?
Mao Zedong launched a bold movement to accelerate the pace of economic growth.

Industrialization It caused malnutrition and starvation.
What is the "one child policy"
Chinese can only have one kid unless they moved to tibet
Define Geomancy
belief that physical attributes of places can be analyzed and manipulated to improve the flow of cosmic energy.
what is Juche
Kim II sungs vision for north korea. Powerful country but a very impoverished country
What is the Wallace Line
A deep ocean trench which divides two major biogeographical zones of Asia and Australia.
What was the Domino Theory?
Communist takeover of South Vietnam would further lead to spreading communist beliefs.
What were some of the Ecological consequences of the Vietnam War
many vietnamese soldiers died, much less than americans, harmful defoliants were sprayed that poisoned ecosystems.
Who were the Khmer Rouge
they were communist revolutionaries who destroyed cities and killed many people they wanted to isolate themselves.
What happened in Cambodia in 1975-79
A quarter of the camodian population died after the vietnamese charged in and installed a new government.
What were three types of migration in southeast asia
1. flowing from Rural areas into cities
2. flowing from war zones to safe zones
3. resettlement from rural to urban
Why did opium become a lower source for thailand
Government programs persuaded the country to grow subsitute products such as tobacco.
Where is the Golden Triangle
Burma, Laos, Thailand (centers in this region) inside this triangle the drug industry is taking over.
Where are the largest heroin markets
United States, Europe, Thailand, Australia
What was the Raj
Focus on British imperial shifted from trade and territorial control to social reform and cultural imperialism.
What did the Raj bring to southeast asia
Plantations and western industrial developments.
What was the importance of tea?
it was a mild drug in high demand, cultivated in China and japan. it became a catalyst of social, economic and political change.
Who was Thomas Lipton
He was a pioneer of vertical economic integration he cut the cost of tea by 35% to europeans by gaining control of the market.