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This European power controlled Indonesia until 1949
Why do Indonesia's leaders find it difficult to form a strong government?
Too many ethnic groups
The city of Singapore has one of the world's busiest
The ancestors of Vietnam's people came to Vietnam from
The capital and largest city of Malaysia is
Kuala Lumper
Laozi's teachings about living simply and in harmony with nature were called
Chinese thinkers believed that learning was the guide to people's
good behavior
Nearly all of China's people belong to an ethnic group called
Han Chinese
In both rural and urban Japan, what has traditionally been the center of one's life?
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor caused the United States to enter
World War II
In 1853, the Japanese were forced to open trade privileges by
the United States
South Korea has one of Asia's strongest
The capital of Taiwan and largest city is
Since before the days of the Mongol Empire, most people in Mongolia have been
Mongolia is a nation in east-central Asia that
is landlocked
Taiwan is an island nation that lies near
China's mainland
Taiwan earns much of its wealth from
high-technology industries
The Gobi in northern China is made up of
rocks and stones
The hottest location in China is
the Turpan Depression
China is the world's third-largest country in
land area
Japan leads the world in
automobile production
Japan's two major religions are Buddhism and
What river do the Chinese call "China's Sorrow" because of flooding?
Yellow River
China's three major rivers serve as important transportation routes and also a source of
The clock, printed books, and the magnetic compass were some of China's
early inventions
The Korean War ended in
no victory
From AD 668 to 935, what Korean kingdom united Korea under what government?
In 1950, the North Korean plan to unite all of Korea led to
the Korean War
The North Korean government has put aside the needs of individuals and families in favor of
the communist system
The Mekong River is the largest river in
Southeast Asia
What is the largest ethnic group in Cambodia?
The hundreds of wats in Thailand's cities and rural areas are
Buddhist temples
In Myanmar, the most densely populated area is the
Irrawaddy River Valley