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"describing the earth"
describes and explains the earths spatial dimensions, showing how the world differs from place to place.
Human/physical Geography
Human- spatial analysis of economic, social, and cultural systems.
Physical- climate, landforms, soils, vegetation, and hydrology
areal differentiation
The geographic description and explination of spatial differences on the earth's surface; this includes physical as well as human patterns.
areal integration
The geographic description and explination of how places, landscapes, and regions are connected, interactive, and integrated with eachother.
scale global to local
whether or not you are focusing on one small place or on the whole world.
cultural landscape
Primarily the visable and tangiable expression of human settlement (house architecture, street patterns) also the intangible, value-laden aspects of a particular place and its association with a group of people.
The increasing interconnectedness of people and places throughout the world through converging processes of economic, poltical, and cultural change.