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is the specialized behavioral patterns, understandings, and a adaptation that summarize the way of life of a group of people. (social scientist view)
units of learned behavior ranging from the language spoken to the tools used or to the games played.
Culture traits
individual culture traits that re functionally interrelated
Culture complex
a generalization suggesting shared, identifying traits uniting two or more culture complexes.
Culture system
a portion of the earth's surface occupied by people sharing recognizable and distinctive cultural characteristics
Culture region
a collective of culture regions sharing related culture systems;
Culture realm
the belief that the physical environment by itself shapes humans, their actions, and their thoughts.
Environmental determinism
is the viewpoint that people, not environments, are the dynamic forces of cultural development.
the earth's surface as modified by human action
Cultural landscape
composed of the material objects and the techniques of their use by means of which people are able to live.
technological subsystem
is the sum of those expected and accepted patterns of interpersonal relations that find their outlet in economic, political, military, religiious, kinship, and other associations.
sociological subsystem
consists of the ideas, beliefs, and knowledge of a culture and of the ways in which they are expressed in speech or other forms of communication
ideological subsystem
the interconnectedness of all aspects of a culture; no part can be altered without impact upon other culture traits.
cultural integration
implies changes to a culture that result from ideas created within the social group itself and adopted by the culture.
used to describe those restricted areas of innovation from which key culture elements diffused to exert an influence on surrounding regions.
culture hearth
process by which a concept, a practice, an innovation, or a substance spreads from its point of origin to new territories.
Spatial diffusion
process of the fusion of the old and new change of culture
is the process by which one culture group undergoes a major modification by adopting many of the characteristics of another, usually dominant, culture group.