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"backwoods" region that suffers from poor soil, scarce grazing lands, and uncertain rainfall
a steep cliff between two level areas at different heights
an area drained by a river and its tributaries
a slum community that is very poor; most Brazilian cities have these
a mix of gasoline with ethanol (alcohol-based fuel)
What are the two major landforms of Brazil?
Plains and Plateaus
What is the climate of Brazil's interior plateau?
Tropical Wet and Dry
Where does most of the population of the southeast live?
Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Why was Brazil's capital moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia?
Rio de Janeiro was overcrowded and the government wanted to boost development of the interior and to draw people away from the coastal cities.
Why do people of the northeast have life expectancies below the Brazil national average?
Poverty is severe in the northeast, so people have impoverished lives and chronic malnutrition. As a result, they will not live as long as others
What is Brazil's largest but least populated region?
Amazon River Basin
What is the most important crop grown in the southeast?
Why are there so few Indians that live in the Amazon River Basin?
Either the Portuguese killed them or the Portuguese's diseases killed them
What are the four regions of Brazil?
Northeast Region, Southeast Region, Brazilian Highlands, and the Amazon River Basin
What is the official language of Brazil?
After the rainforest is clear, what eventually happens to teh soil?
The soil becomes barren, red clay and is not usable
What accounts for the African influence of the northeast?
The Portuegeuse colonists brought in African slaves to do work on their plantations
What percentage of the population in Brazil lives in the southeast?
40 %
What does the future hold for Brazil?
Brazil could be a major world power as a result of development of service industries and manufacturing
What can be said about the amount of natural resources in Brazil?
There are a lot of them
What is the climate of the southeast region?
What are the two policies of industrial growth?
1: to boost the growth of industry

2: to encourage settlement and development in the country's interior