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to clear fields, native peoples used the ... technique
trees, brushes, and grasses are cut down and burned to clear the field
the slash-and-burn was particularly effective in ... and ... areas
humid, tropical
terraced farming
ancient technique for growing crops on hillsides or mountainslopes
terraced farming is an especially important technique in the ... areas of the region
in terraced farming, farmers cut .... horizontal fields into hillsides and slopes which reduces ....
soil erosion
inca people used .... to farm
terraced farming
..., ..., and ... are the most highly urbanized countries in tehh south america
argentina, child, uruguay
push factors
factors that "push" people to leave rural areas
pull factors
factors that "pull" people toward cities
slash-and-burn farming often ... the soil
six cities in south america rank among the region's largest in population
these include ... and ... in brazil, ... in argentina, ... in peru, .... in colombia, and ... in chile
sao paulo, riode janeiro
beunos aires
the most populous city in all of latin america is the ....
meico city
local governemtns cannot afford facitilities to handle the ... increase
... is a growth industry throughout latin america
tourism is especially important in ... and the ....
mexico, caribbean
tourism can play a part in reducing the ....
income gap between rich and poor
how is tourism problematic?
where the industry builds its resorts
large public debts by borrowing money to build tourist facilities
absentee owndership of tourist facilities often make desions that aren't in teh tourist country's best interest