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Latin America reaches from ___/____ borders down to _______ of the southern most tip of South America
Tierra del Fuego
Andes Mountain
part of a chain of mountain ranges that run through the western portion of North, Central, and South America
what is the mountain part of the mountain chain range in the north called?
the rockies
what is the mountain part of the mountain chain range in the central america called?
sierra madre
what is the mountain part of the mountain chain range in the south called?
how does the andes mountains affect settlement in america?
they're a barrier to movement into the interior, so there's more settlement in south america along the eastern and northern coasts
mountainous/hilly sections of a country
where are highlands found in latin america?
venezuela, guyana, suriname, french guiana, and brazil
vast, grassy, treeless plains in Colombia and Venezuela
savanna with flat terrain and moderate rainfall that make them suitable for farming found in brazil
is the llanos, cerrado, or pampas undeveloped?
grasslands and rich soil found in northern Argentina and Uruguay
what are the three major rivers in South America?
the Orinoco, the Amazon, and the Parana
Orinoco River
mainly in Venezuela and part of South America's northern most river system
Amazon River
second lonest river in the world, one of South America's 3 major river system, running about 4000 miles from West to East, and emptying into the Atlantic Ocean
Parana River
in central South America originating in highlands of south Brazil, traveling about 3000 miles south and west between Argentina and Uruguay
Rio de la Plata
estuary of the Parana and Uruguay rivers between Argentina and Uruguay
wide lower course of a river where its current is met by the tides
Caribbean Islands are also known as ...
West Indies
the caribbean islands consist of three major groups:
greater antilles, lesser antilles, and the bahamas
Greater Antilles are made up of the larger islands: (4)
Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico
the island of Hispaniola is divided between the countries of ... and the .....
Haiti, Dominican Republic
The Lesser Antilles are smaller island in the region __ of Puerto Rico
the lesser Antilles are divided into the ... and the ....
windward islands and leeward islands
Latin America is the treasure house of _____
natural resources
South America is among the world's leaders in the mining of ______
raw materials