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What is the body of water that borders the Texas and Louisiana coast?
The Gulf of Mexico
What is the busiest inland waterway in the U.S.?
The Mississippi
What forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico?
The Rio Grande River
Where is the world's largest sources of oil?
Under the plains of Texas.
What is a Geologist?
A scientist who studies the earth's surface and rock layers beneath the surface.
Which South Central region has the busiest seaport?
New Orleans
What are the Bad Lands?
A dry wasteland with mountains in South Dakota.
What are the 3 major rivers in the North Central region?
The Ohio, Missouri, and the Mississippi Rivers.
What are the 4 great lakes in the North Central region?
Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie
What are some uses for oil?
It's made into gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel, camp stoves, thinning paints, dissolving grease, asphalt, lubricants, and petrochemicals.
Why is winter wheat important?
It helps with prevent soil erosion.
Why were the North Central states group together?
Most of the states are plains and they have farming.
Why is corn important to the North Central Region?
Field corn is used for animal feed. Corn is made into corn flour or cornmeal, corn syrup, corn oil, used as a sweetener(dextrose). Can be made into gasohol, shellac, varnish, and plastics. Cornstalks provide shielter and food for wild animals. Corncobs and cornstalks are used to make fiberboard and paper.
What are 3 agricaulture-related industries in North Central region?
Farming, dairy industry, and meat-packing.