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Which state in the United States is made up of several islands?
Is the North Pole on a continent?
No, the ice and snow at the North POle are on top of water, not land.
Which of the following is a city, New Mexico, Los Angeles, North America?
Los Angeles
You are taking a vacation to one of the states along the Atlantic Ocean. could the state you're in be South Carolina?
What does a lack ot on a map usually mean?
Is the continent of South America, above or below (north or south) of the United States?
Below (south of)
Which oceans border Australia?
Indian, Pacific
Chicago is in the state of ___________ and on the continent of _______________
Illinois, North America
Which state is in North America but does not order any other state?
Alaska, the capital of Alaska is Juneau.
What is the name of the line on a map that circles the middle of the Earth?
The Words north, east, south, and west are called _______________.
Which island has more land, Greenland or Iceland?
Greenland - largest island in the world
Put these bodies of water in order of size, from the largest to smallest: pond, ocean, lake
ocean, lake, pond
Which country is closer to Canada, the United States or Mexico?
United States
What do we call the lines that separate states on a map?
borders or boundaries
What continent does a person from the country of Brazil live on?
South America
What city is where the state's leaders meet and work?
Which country has more land, Mexico or the United States?
United States
What direction does the front of your school face?
Name two states that border the Mississippi river.
Possible answers, IL, WI, MN, IA, MO, KY, TN, AR, MS, LA
Which ocean is closer to South Carolina?
Locate Cuba, Puerto Rica, and Jamaica on your map. How are they all alike?
They are all islands below or south of the United States.
Which continent on a map is farthest south?
There re five big lakes along the northern part of the United States, name two of them.
Erie, Ontario, Michigan, Superior, Huron, Great Lakes
You and your friend are going to Florida and want to swim in the ocean. What ocean will you swim in?
Write your name and address and include the continent and planet on which you live.
Whitney Keith
71 Woodside Way
United States
Which direction is at the top of most maps?
Is Canada a city, state, or country?
What symbols would you use on a map of your neighborhood?
Could your neighorhood be shown on a globe? Why or Why Not?
No; a neighborhood is too small to be shown on a globe which shows large areas, land and water.
Is one city block the same distance on all streets?
NO a block is a generic term that is used to describe the distance between streets in a city.
What site is just north of Kansas?
Nebraska, Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska, Named for President Lincoln.
Which map would you show the most land on it? One of your neighorhood, your state, or your country?
What ocean orders the state of Washington?
Is the South Pole on a continent? If so, which one?
Yes, Antartica.
How many states are there in the United States?
Is the earth's surface covered by more land or more water?
Which of the following is not a city: Dallas Chicago, Washington?
Washington: The difference between Washington state, it is a state, Washington D.C. is a city.
Which state has more land, Kansas or Rhode Island?
Kansas, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States
Do globes usually have keys or legends?