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What climate is most common in the west
arid or semiarid
What two features helped the south grow
rich soils and a warm climate
Why did cites spring up at the fall line
textile mills built near the falls attracted workers and other bussiness
Which of the following statements is true of the midwest's farms
they are some of the most productuve farms in the world
Some of the largest oil revesers in the United States are located in
Alaska Texas
What is the Sunbelt
a band of states whose climate attracts people and businness
Why does a rocky jagges shoreline such as that found in the northeast make for excellent harbors
it creates bays and coves that protect ships from the wind and the wives of the open ocean
why are the waterfalls often the site of factpries in the 1800s
the waterfalls turned the water wheels that powered factory machines
what would prevent you from driving from one end of Hawiaii to the other
hawaii consists of many island
Driving across the midwest, you should expect to see many
grain elevators
in which region could a person have workked in the fishing, gold mining, lumbering and moviemaking indusries

hint: nort east south west or northeast etc
What helped the Northesat grow
its waters
The smallest and most urban region of the United States is the
A grain exchange is a
site at which buyers and sellers make deals for grain
What is an aqeduct
a pipe for carrying water long distances