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The United States and Canada covers an area of about _____.
7 million square miles
The largest mountain range in North America is the ____.
Rocky Mountains
The Rocky Mountains stretch from _______ to _______ and is _____.
Northern Alaska
Northern New Mexico
3000 miles long
The _________ ________ are the second longest mountain system in North America, it is ______.
Appalachian Mountains
The longest river in North America is the _________ ____.
Mississippi River
Most of the earth's climate types are represented in the ________ and _______.
United States
The climate along the Pacific Coast is called the ________.
Marine West Coast Climate
It is caused by winds and ocean currents and protective mountains along the Pacific Coast.
Marine West Coast Climate
The deserts found in North America are _________, __________, and _________.
The Great Salt Lake
Blackrock Desert
Death Valley
___________ is the hottest and lowest place in North America.
Death Valley
The _________ lies east of the MS river and along the ________.
humid continental climate region
Atlantic Coast
The ________ states are in a __________.
humid subtropical region
The tip of _______ has a __________.
tropical savanna climate
__________ are ocean storms 100's of miles wide with winds of 74 mph or more.
Over ________ people live in the US and Canada.
300 Million
________ population increased at a rate at _____ per year.
People migrated into North America from _____ over a land bridge over ________ years ago.
Native Americans used _______, _______, and __________ to harvest _____.
fiber nets
wooden traps
______ of Americas corn crop is used for animal FEED.
______ is the most important part of the economy between US and Canada.
The US and Canada botht have highly developed economies the economies are called _________.
free enterprise
NAFTA is the _________________.
North American free trade agreement
The US recycles ____ of its trash.