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What is viscuous lava?
thick lava that forms steep slopes
What is a block mtn and give another name for it.
It is a block of land raised between two faults and it is also called a horst
What is a rift valley and give another name for it.
It is a long,relatively narrow depression formed by sinking a block of land between two parallel faults and it is also called a graben
Give the 3 types of plate margins.
When magma hardens in the vent it is called a..... ?
What is a conelet?
a small volcano attached to the bigger one
What is the difference between a sill and a dyke?
a sill is magma that hardens between rock layers and a dyke is magma that hardens across the rock layers and runs diagonally/slant/inclined
What kind of volcanic cone is formed when a volcano errupts at different intensities?
a composite volcano
Give an example of a crater lake found in the Caribean
Grand Etang(Grenada)
Give two examples of block mtns
Somalia(Western Africa)
Black Forest(Western germany and Switzerland)
Otago(New Zealand)
Give the two types of plates found in the earths crust
The Mid-Atlantic ridge(base of ocean) was formed form which plate margin?
Fluid lava is thin and normally spreads out to form what?
lava plateau
Give 4 examples of fold mountains
Himalayas,Alps,Rockies and Andes
Give two effects of each plate margin
convergent- earthquake,fold mts
divergent-volcanoes,earthquakes and new land is formed
transform-earthquakes and tsunami
Give 3 effects of earthquakes
fires,loss of lives,and loss of property
Where one plate goes under another, into the mantle it is called a ?
subduction zone
When one plate moves on top of the other it forms a what?
double thickness
Expalin how volcanoes are formed from convergent plate margins
This happens when one of the plate margins goes into the mantle and displaces some of the magma causing ot to erupt
A crack in a volcanoe is also called a what?
A vent in a volcano is also called a what?
a hole
Through which one,either the hole or crack,would the pressure be greater?
the hole
What is a batholith?
a big mass of magma.It hardens inside teh earth and it is mainly made up of granite rocks
What is a laccolith?
this is an enlargened sill
Geysers,hot springs, and fumeroles are all evidences of what?
Batholith,sill,dyke,laccolith can all be exposed if what takes place?
What is the difference between a geyser and hotspring?
In a geyser, hot water and gas is present while in the hot springs hot water and little or no gas is present
What is an earthquake?
a sudden movement in the earths crust
What is folding?
the bending or warping of the earhts crust
What is a fault?
a deep crack in the earths crust that allows the escape of magma from inside the mantle