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List the three climate zones in Europe.
Marine West Coast
Humid Continental
Why do many former Communist countries produce little agricultural goods?
Under the USSR the economy was focused on industry.
What characteristics make a good fishing country?
Boardered by Continental Waters.
Where would you find Europe's major oil and gas deposits?
Under the Northern Sea.
What four 'countries' are part of the United Kingdom?
England, Wales, Scotland, and Northen Ireland
What is the capital of the Republic of Ireland?
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
What countries are parts of the Benelux countries?
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
In what three countries would you find the region known as Lapland?
Norway, Sweden, Finland
What is the capital of Finland?
When did East and West Germany reunite as one country, Germany?
What happened to Polish Jews under the control of the Nazi's during WW II.
Forced to live in the Ghetto.
An area separated from the rest of a country by the territory of other countries.
What is Africa's closest distance to Europe?
Two small ports in North Africa.
What country is found wholly within Rome, Italy?
Vatican City
List all the 6 counties that used to be a Yugoslav Republic.
Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro
What is the capital of Bosnia?
Russia stretches across that landmass?
Euroasia (Europe-Asia)
Who were the Rus?
Scandinavian Traders
Who took control of the Soviet Union after Lenin died?
Joseph Stalin
Where in Russia would you find a large concentration of Muslims?
Volga and Caucasus Areas
What was the Silk Road?
Old Silk Trade Route
Most people in Central Asia practice this traditional way of life.
What is the "Empty Quarter"?
What is the name of the region that includes land from the Persian gulf through the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers?
Arabian Peninsulas Western Edge
What is Islam's holiest city?
What does OPEC stand for?
Organizaiton of petroleum exporting Countries.
What is an ayatollah?
Religious leaders of the highest authority among Shia Muslims.
A Country Ruled by Ayatollahs is.
What were Ottoman rulers called? Rulers of the Ottoman Empire - Turkey.
What three strips of land are ussues in the Arab-Israeli conflict?
West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golah Heights.
Geographers use a _______ perspective to study the world.
Spatial Geography
What is the study of the way people live called? ____________ Geography
Human Geography
What theme involves the study of how people and things change locations and the effects of those changes?
Human-Environmental Interaction
What essential element of geography includes the study of how people use natural resources?
Environment and Society
What is another word for longitude.
What is the smallest ocean?
Artic Ocean
What is the largest island?
What landform divides North Africa from the rest of Africa.
Sahara Desert
What civilization used hieroglyphs?
What is the name of the desert nomads who live in Sinai Peninsula?
Who controlled North Africa after the Roman Empire?
The process of moving from one place to live in another place.
What city was an important center of trade in the Mali Empire?
Tombouctou, also called Timbuktu
List some challenges facing West and Central Africa?
Economic, populaiton growth, health care political and protecting environment.
What is the most important thing that shapes the landscape in East Africa?
Tectonic Processes
What is the source of the Blue Nile?
What early culture built pyramids?
Swahili has strongly been influenced by what language?
What is the underlying cause of many of East Africa's problems?
Rapid population growth.
List the 3 early kingdoms of Southern Africa.
Banta, Zulu & Cesotho
What caused the Boer War?
Discovery of gold and diamonds.
Why do so many children develop illnesses in southern Africa?
Poverty, can not get good food.
Where does the Ganges River begin?
What language do most people in India speak?
Which religion actively tries to preserve life?
What city is the City of Joy?
What city is holy for Hindus?
Where is the center of India's movie industry?
Which tropical country is made up of 1200 coral islands?
Which religion is not a major religion in the countris bordering India?
Why has economic development in the Indian Perimeter slowed?
Lack of Natural Resources
In what country would you find Hindu Kush Mountians?
List some environmental issues facing China Today.
Bird Flu, Shortage of water.
What major crops grow in China?
Rice & Peanuts
Where is Taiwan located, int relation to China?
South East
What river flows through the Red (Sichuan) Basin?
Chang River
List some achievements of the Shang Dynasty.
Water Buffalo were tamed & irragation systems dug.
Where did the Japanse set up a puppet overnment before WWII?
What is Taoism?
Followers believe there is a natural order to the universe.
What are some central elements of Confucianism?
Code of Ethics, family, loyalty, duty and education
Earthquakes near Japan often cause this kind of natural disasters (HINT: Dec. 26, 2004)
What is the dominate relition practiced in Japan?
Shinoism & Buddahism
What event forced Japan to open its border to trading in the mid 1800's
Meiji Restoration
List all the common natural disasters of the Japanese region.
Tsunami, earth quakes and volcanos
Describe the festival of lights.
Myanmars main holiday. Marks event in Buddhas life. Paper lanterns light up street and people visit shrine.
Which countries have a communist government in SE Asia?
Laos & Vietman
What is ASEAN?
Association of South East Asian Nations promotes economic development.
When do most typhoons strike the region?
Between August and October
How do volcanoes benefit the SE Asian region?
Vocanic Soils good for farming.
What environmental problems face SE Asia?
Defestation loss of wildlife diversity, over fishing, air and water pollution.
Why does the topography of Bangladesh continually change?