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What are the main types of rainfall
How frequently does Britain receive relief rainfall
Throughout the year
Why does Britain receive relief rainfall throughout the year
Prevailing south-westerly winds which bring moist air from the Atlantic &
presence of coastal mountains which force air to rise and cool
Which coast, east or west, receives the most rain
Why does the west coast receive more rain than the east coast
Because the prvailing winds come from the south west
Describe the stages in the rainmaking process
Warm water vapour carrying air rises
Rising air cools
Air cools to dew point
Further cooling causes condensation
When does Frontal rain occur
When a mass of warm air meets a mass of cold air
In Britain where does frontal rain form
they form to the west of the country, over the Atlantic Ocean
In what season is frontal rain more frequent and why
Winter because depressions are more frequent at that time.
What causes convectional rainfall
The sun heating the ground
Describe the stages of convectional rainfall
The sun warms the ground
The ground wars the air
Warm air lightens and rises upwards
Warm air cools
Often gives thunderstorms
At what point in the sky is the sun to achieve convectional rainfall
At a high angle in the sky
Which area of Britain receives this type of rainfall
Eastern and south-eastern side
In what month of the year does this type of rainfall occur most
Why do the south and south eastern parts of the country have July as their wettest month
As this is when the temperatures are at their highest they receive convectional rainfall