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What is Diabatic Process?
-direct energy exchanges
-ex:air passing over a cool surface loses energy through conduction
-energy transfer: from high temps to lower temps
-associatied w/ fog develop.
What is Adiabatic Process?
-no net energy exchanges
-heating/cooling by compression/expansion
What is the definition of a cloud?
visible aggregate of minute droplets of water, or tiny crystals of ice, or a mixture of both
How are clouds produced?
-when water vapor condenses in the atmosphere
-Most important: adiabatic cooling
-rising air is lifted above the lifting condensation level, where it reaches its dewpoint
What two conditions need to be fulfilled in order to form a cloud?
when air is SATURATED and CONTAINS PARTICLES (condensation nuclei)
-ex: smoke, salt particles
Cirrus clouds
thin clouds of ice, feathery appearance or veil-like patches
Stratus clouds
layered clouds, sheets or layers w/ no distinct indevidual cloud unit
Cumulus clouds
vertical development, cauliflower-like structure
Nimbus clouds
rain producing cloud
High clouds (height and examples)
-above 6000m (19000 ft)
-ex: cirrus, fall streaks, mares' tails, cirrostratus, cirrocumulus
Mares' Tails
horizontal swirls, occur in turbulent conditions
-when cirrus thickens and stretch across the sky
-thin sheet of ice crystal
-milky sky
-may form HALO around sun
Fish Scales
Middle cloudes (height and examples)
-between 2000&6000m (6000-19000ft
-ex: altostratus, altocumulus
if thin enough, sun or moon can be identified as bright spot W/O HALO
Sheepback clouds
Low clouds (height and examples)
-below 2000m (6000ft)
-ex: stratus, nimbostratus, stratocumulus
-layer of dark gray clouds
-light precipitation
-patches, rolls
-low layered clouds w/ some vert development
What is the Fair Weather cumulus?
Cumulus Humilis
-heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, hail, lightning, tornadoes
-anvil top, towering cloud