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James Cook, English sea captain, discovered Polynesian islands
Monroe Doctrine
North and South America independent of the rest of the world lassaiz-faire
Roosevelt Corollary
United States can help Latin America when being attacked
English prime minister
led liberal party; cared less about expansion
Jewish prime minister; led conservative party; interested in foreign affairs
the right of women to vote
Irish wanted self-government
Socialists and radicals set up municipal govt. to run Paris
led army of "red shirts" in attempt to conquer all of Italy
Victor Emmanuel II
King of Italy under whom Italy was united (Cavour's boss)
Count, premier of Sardinia, plotted with Napoleon III to drive Austrians out of N. Italy
Russian massacres of Jews
one who holds absolute power (like the Russian czar)
October manifesto
Czar Nicolas grants individual liberty and an elected parliament called the "duma"
the elected parliament allowed by Czar Nicolas which actually had no power
Who are suffragettes?
Women who wanted the right to vote.
Different between Gladstone and Disraeli
Gladstone - Eng. liberal leader; cared about domestic and economic affairs
Disraeli - Jewish prime minister, conservative, foreign affairs & expanding power
2 ways Charies X antagonized people
1) pledged to reimburse nobles whose estates had been stolen during French Revolution (2) abolished liberal provisions of Louis XVIII
Revolution of 1832
disillusioned students and workers attempt to revolt in Paris after General Lamarque dies - they lose, many die
2nd Republic - what happened when in charge?
Louis Philippe deposed; created national workshops to create jobs; riots occurred when Conservaties tried to get rid of workshops