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national workshops
places of business set up by the government to create jobs for people
cause of Franco Prussian war
Napolean opposed unification of Prussia
Dreyfuss case
Jewish officer unfairly framed for treason because of his race, military background and the fact that he came from Alsace
Why Napoleon III betrayed Cavour
feared united Italy
What happened after Italy united?
over-taxed people for military build-up which caused riots; Mafia ran Sicily
Bismarck's 3 wars - causes, gains
believed it was Prussia's destiny to unify all Germany
Danish - Danes tried to take over Schleswig; Prussia defeats them and stals Schlewsig
7 Weeks War - alienates Austria from allies, manipulates it into declaring war (better technology, trains, better guns, telegraph)
Franco-Prussian War - tricks Napolean into using altered EMS dispatch; wins Alsace, Lorraine, $$
customs union allowing German states to trade freely with each other (no taxes)
wanted to live among peasants to teach them; take away land from nobles & divide among poor
abolish social and political structure of Russia; family traditions, cultural values
Alexander II's reforms
people urging serfs to be freed; emancipation edict of 1861 frees serfs; local elected assemblies, court system, trials public
Nicholas II's solution
granted individual liberties and an elected parliament (Duma)
Describe in detail the event that triggered the Russian Revolution of 1905 and 3 reasons it failed
Bloody Sunday - unarmed workers struck down while trying to deliver petition to czar; Failed: 1. army remained loyal to czar; 2. French lent money to govt. 3. revolutionary groups not unified in their goals
Describe two ways Louis Napoleon acted like his uncle and gained power after being elected president of France. What happened when he opposed Prussia?
Saw conquest as a way to make France great: 1)France fought in Crimean War; 2)France takes over Cambodia. Von Bismarck manipulates France into war, captures Napolean
Describe 3 different types of govt. France (and Paris) experienced during and after reign of Louis Napoleon. Give modern day example of a country with a similar shift or change in govt.
2nd Republic - Louis Napoleon elected president
2nd Empire - Louis Napoleon as emperor with emperor-like powers
Socialists and radicals set up govt. in Paris