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process by which air changes temperature as the air mass moves sideways over a surface that is hotter or cooler then the original
air masses, moving
Coriolis Effect

(what it does)
-due to earch spinning

-northern hemisphere, spin is anticlockwise
-southern hemisphere, spin is clockwise

(what it does)
moisture content of the air influences precipitation type and amount
moisture content influences
Absolute Humidity

amount of water vapour physically present in the atmosphere

Long Range Forecast

(time, how, accuracy)
-up to 1 month ahead
-look as broad patterns of weather
-more generalised predictions
Model of Forecasting Preperation
-collect data
-understand processes
-predict changes
-communicate forecast
-action taken at appropriate level
collect - take action
Air Masses

(definition + changes)
-body of air with a uniform nature over a large area.
change when
-passing over warmer/cooler surfaces
-picking up moisture when crossing water surfaces
passing over surfaces
Relative Humidity

relationship between the actual amount of water vapour, and the total that could be carried at a certain temperature.
relationship - water + temp

state of the atmosphere at any given point, time and place.

Average weather conditions at a specific place over a period of 30 years.

(time, how, accuracy)
-min/hours ahead
-extrapolating form current data
-accurate for small scale features

lines on a surface pressure chart joining areas of similar pressure
lines, pressure
Short Range Forecast

(time, how, accuracy)
-3 days
-decline in accuracy
-numerical weather predictions
Medium Range Forecast

(time, how-2, accuracy)
-4-10 days
-Numerical weather predictions (at the limit of), ensemble forcasting
-major decline in accuracy

(wieght, wind)
warm air = lighter
clod air = heavier

difference in pressure creates winds from high > low

-air is heated indirectly by the sun

-sun heats earth's surface
-heats atmosphere by contact from below
from below