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absolute location
The exact position of a place using lines of longitude and latitude
The absolute location of Jacksonville is  
Latitude:  30° 21' N
Longitude:  81° 33' W
compass rose
a drawing on a map or globe that has directions of north, south, east and west.
The compass rose will always tell you which way is north.
Cardinal directions
North, South, East and West
The points on a compass.
Intermediate directions
Directions between the cardinal directions: NE, SE, NW, SW
Direction combinations - for example SE (southeast) or NW (northwest)
The height above sea level
Mountains have a high elevation. Areas near the coast have a low elevation
The line used on maps to separate Earth into two equal halfs - a northern half and a southern half. It represents 0* of latitude.
The equator runs straight through the middle of north and south on a globe.
The distance east or west of the prime meridian.
Lines of longitude are vertical lines (they go straight up and down)
distance north or south of the equator.
Lines of latitude are horizontal lines (they go side to side)
presenting the round Earth so that it fits on a flat surface - like a map
Distortions from projection -- South America and Africa look very big. Canada loooks small.
Prime meridian
The first line of longitude at 0* - the starting place for measuring lines of longitude and separating east from west. Goes through Greenwich, England.
Greenwich, England is at 0* longitude.