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91. The military took over Libya’s government after what group won an election there
pro-Western king (monarchy)
92. 2 advantages that African coastal countries have over Sahel countries
wetter climate and access to sea
93. Reasons for Kenya’s social/political unrest
British taking Kikuyu land
94. When did Kenyans lose the fertile land and political power
95. What happened to the leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo
government overthrown
96. What type of ecosystem do you find at the center of the Congo Basin
tropical rainforest
97. Do you find mountains in Nigeria
98. Why is it hard for W African countries to create successful economies
less land to farm
99. Grass roots movements and examples
harambee = pull together to help all, in Kenya
100. What was the cause of the military coup in Nigeria
oil prices fell and economy down
101. What 2 religious groups cause tension in Nigeria
Muslims and Christians
102. These 2 countries have not had economic success even though they have large amounts of what
103. This was the capital of the Mali Empire
104. Effects of grazing animals on the Sahel
overgrazing and ruin land
105. When did Ethiopia lose its access to the sea