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genitourinary tract
main source of noscomial infections. Normal flora: Lactobacillus, staphlyococcus, Corynebacterium, streptococcus
movement of urine flush out
UTI: most caused by e. coli
Bacterial cystitis
bladder infection (e. coli/pseudomonas), bladder tenderness, cloudy urine, odor frequent urination, have pili attach to urethra, fecal contamination
Leptospira interrogans (spirochete hook ends), excrete feces urine, swim in contaminated waters, enters through mucous membranes and breaks skin
Haemophilus meningitis
blood loving, six (a-f) capsules invades blood: infection of meninges, sever neurologic treatment ampicillin, mental retardation (haemophilus influenze)
Listerioisis: Listeria monocytogenes meningitis
can cross blood brain barrier, cause abcess in fetal tissue penetrate intestinal mucosa then enter bloodstream, wide spread in natural waters, soft cheeses imunocompromised,
Neonatal meningitis
lowbirth wt. neurologic damage; cerebral or nerve palsy mental retardation
Hansen's disease
mycobacterium leprae, tuberculosis: grows within macrophages nerve damage human to human contact
begin 12 to 36 hrs after ingesting contaminated foods. progressive paralysis Clostridiu botulinum, endospores, produce 7 toxins, growth relase toxin, neurtoxin AB toxin enters nerve
Viral meningitis
stiff neck sensitivity to light headache above or behind eyes. may cause sore throat, non enveloped RNA virus responsible for 1/2 of viral infections. begin throat to intestinal epitheiu to to blood stream most common coxsackle and echovirus
Viral encephalitis
disoreintation localized paralysis, deafness, ARBOVIRUSES, multiply site of bite in local lymph nodes Viremia cross blood brain barrier. can cause brain tissue damage. LaCrosse causes most avoid mosquitoes
Fungal meningitis
infection in lung spread to blood then brain, encapsulated yeast,Cryptoococcus neoformans
Protozoal meningitis
free living amoeba Naegleria: rapid onset
Acanthamoeba: chronic infections
Crytococcal meningloencephalitis
difficulty thinking, dizziness,headache, paralysis caustive agent: yeast Filobasidiella neoformans airborn in dust surrounded by large capusle pigeon droppings (first indicator of AIDS)
African Sleeping Sickness
bite from tsetse fly. nodule (trypsanosoma brucei)flagellated protozoan, multiplies in skin migrates lymphatic and blood circulation
Tranmissible Spongigorm encephalopathies
prions, muscle jerks, lack coordination, dementia, memory loss, convert normal protein into copies of themselves, Krutz-scrapie-cretuxfeld jakob mad cow