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Benjamin Franklin
-embodies 7 characteristics of age of reason, large family, apprenticed to brother to be printer, ran away to phili and made it on his own
-wrote Poor Richard's Alamanac
-only American to sign all 4 major documents
-wrote Autobiography for son
-13 virtues
virtues of benjamin franklin
Thomas Paine
-born in England
-wrote Common Sense to convince to break from Britain to convince americans to support revol. war
-wrote crisis papers to raise spirits of soldiers during war/unite all americans in common cause
-wrote Age of Reason (attack religion/reveal it)
Thomas Jefferson
-master writer of serious rhetoric
-helped write DOI (social contract, attack king george, declare ind)
-formal language
-wrote Notes on State of VA (preparing slaves for freedom)
-Letter to Ben. Rush (discusses his religious beliefs)
Federalist Papers
-used to try to convince americans to (esp. citizens of ny) to ratify constitution
-written mainly by hamilton, madison, and jay
-believed need for strong federal gov't
-movement of 18th century, began in England and moved to America
-writers looked back to ancient times (greece and rome) for literary models (satire), poetry (formal), didatic (moral lesson)
-artistic ideals, order, few words as possible, restrained emotion, logic
-time of movement and progress
Olaudah Equiano
-African American slave
-convert to Christianity
-earned his freedom by making money to purchase it
-captured by rival tribe and sold to slave traders
-aka Gustavus Vassa
-wrote narrative of his life
-one of earliest captivity narratives
Phillis Wheatley
-masters granted her freedom
-1st African American woman author and poet
-died as result of abuse from husband and after childbirth
-her work is example of neoclassical poetry
-treated as another member of family/ given education
Philip Freneau
-writes some of poetry for pleasure/entertain/neoclassical
-french heritage
-attended princeton
-2 types of poetry that he wrote
political and nature
-"father of American poetry"
-his writings helped to stir up public opinion
William Bartram
-grew up in age of science
-given a grant to give thorough description of flora and fauna of southeastern, us
-wrote Travels...
-shows 1st signs of romantic tempermant
-uses more emotional than scientific terms
John and Abigail Adams
-wrote letters to each other
-both very intelligent
-she's outspoken
-wrote to each other about major issues (women's educations, need to express love, hospitals, leaders of country)
-formal letters/ wrote about historical incidences
Charles Brown
-1st professional novelist
-died at young age from disease
-wrote 6 novels (one being Edgar Huntly)
-combo of Quaker background and used elements of gothicism
-novels set in america
-used strong female characters
Susanna Rowson
-wrote Charlotte Temple (a historically impt novel)
-born in England, only child, mom died after childbirth, settled in new world
-her husband actor/ she was breadwinner of family
-wrote plays, novels, and textbooks (started a school for girls)
-CT: cautionary novel, didactic work, know characters
Royall Tyler
-born in Boston
-unsuccessful courtship of Abigail Adams
-married/ state's attorney/ chief justice of VT
-produced play The Contrast; May Day in Town; and The GA Spec: or Land in the Moon
-didactic (teaches moral lesson)
-Contrast: first successful comedy by an American
major shifts/ changes
acceptance, gov't, art
belief in God, believed God creator of universe according to scientific principles, like a great clockmaker, best way to serve him was to use abilities given by God and do good for your fellow man
-did not believe in divinity of jesus christ
age of reason
aka: revolutionary age, american enlightenment, neoclassical age
-mid 18th century
-Ben Franklin epitomizes age
-writers of this time search for literary independence
impt figures of age of reason
ben franklin, voltaire, descartes, locke, isaac newton, calvin, rousseau