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What is a Gene?
a specific sequence of nucleotides in DNA or RNA that is located usually on a chromosome and that is the functional unit of inheritance controlling the transmission and expression of one or more traits by specifying the structure of a particular
What's an Allele ?
Any of the alternative forms of a gene that may occur at a given locus
What's Dominant mean?
Thats express (showed ; blue eyes)when mixed
What is recessive?
Moves down family line
What is a Homozygous?
2 genes are the same ; stops the gene
What is a Heterozygous?
Carry a gene but may not be effectcive and still effect off spring
What is a Hemizygous?
Only have 1 gene for trait
What is a autosome?
any chromosome other then a sex chromosome
What is a Sex chromosome?
a XX chromosome is a Girl and a XY= chromosome is a Boy
What is a Punnett Square?
A diogram used by biologists to determin probability of offy spring havinh particullar genotype
What is a Probability?
Is the likelyhood of somthing
Who was Gregory Mendel?
He was around during Charles Darwin and conducted experiments about peas and their genetics
What is a Monohybrid cross?
a cross between individuals who are identically heterozygous at one locus (Bb,Bb)
What is a Carrier?
individual who has the gene for an illness but doesn't have the illness
Pedigree Chart
Like a family tree but shows how genetic diseases pass down the generations
What is a Progeny Line?
Showing whos your parents on a Pedigree chart
What is a Marriage Line?
Shoing whos married to who on a Pedigree chart
What is a Sibling Line?
Showing who are brother and sister on a Pedigree chart
What is a Dihybrid cross?
a cross between 2 individuals identically heterozygous at 2 loci (AaBb;AaBb)
What is the Punnett Square method?
Determin probability of off spring haveing particular genotype
What is the Tree Method?
Making 2 diffrent punnett squares then making a tree
What is Down Syndrome?
When a baby is born with an extra #21 chromosome
What is Kleinfelter's ?
HAving an extra X chromosome in men. Gives the man more femanine charecteristics
What is Super Female or Trisomy X?
Doesn't do much to the woman other than give higher chance of Having a Kleinfelters boy.
What is Cri-du-chat?
This is when you are missing part of your #5 chromosome. The baby lives usually about a year
What is Chronic myeloid leukemia?
When there is a piece missing on the #21 chromosome
What is super-Male syndrome or XYY ?
When you are over six feet tall and a slow learner
What is Turner's Syndrome?
This is When you are born with only an X chromosome so you end up with chromosomes XO , meaning this only happens to girls
what is the locus?
Same location but diffrent charecteristics