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Who is the father of genetics?
Gregor Mendel
He worked with peas.
An trait that is hidden and does not show in an individual. This trait can be passed onto their children.
A recessive trait.
It is not dominant.
Both alleles are the same.
It can be dominant or recessive.
The alleles are different.
The prefix of this word means "different"
How many alleles are there for blood type and what are they?
There are three alleles: A,B,O
Start at the beginning of the alphabet.
A range of hair color in our population indicates this type of inheritance.
Polygenic inheritance
The prefix of this word means "many"
A chart used to follow a genetic trait from generation to generation.
A brand of dog food
Hemophilia and colorblindness are examples of this kind of genetic disorder.
Sex-linked disorder. The defective gene is located on the X chromosome.
Male or female
Why do males have a greater chance of having a sex-linked disorder than females?
Because the gene is on the X chromosome and males only have one X chromosome.
In pea plants, short is the recessive allele. What is the probability that two heterozygous(Tt)pea plants will have offspring that are also heterozygous?
Do a punnett square
Four o'clock flowers have two alleles for flower color, red and white. Why is it that there are 3 colors of four o'clock flowers?
When both the red and white allele are inherited, both of the alleles are expressed, resulting in a third color, pink.Incomplete dominance.
No recessiveness here.
The genes an organism has for a given trait.
Can be RR, Rr, rr...
The physical expression of the genes for a trait.
their looks
Which blood type allele is always recessive?
It's not A
A disease where the red blood cells are misshapen.
Sickle cell anemia
The grim reaper carries one
True or False. A recessive genetic disorder can only be inherited if both alleles are recessive
The disease when the blood does not clot properly. Sometimes called the bleeder's disease.
Many people with this disease contracted HIV in the 1980's.