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Who was the monk who is famous for his study of the inhertitance of traits of peas
Gregor Mendel
What did he discover?
The best traits for study of heredity were those that were obviously present or completely absent.
Whats the difference between phenotypes and genotypes?
Phenotypes are observable trait and Genotypes are the specific arrangements of alleles.
What do monohybrid crosses do?
Look at single traits that result from two alleles combining.
What is codominance?
Both appear at the same time.
What is complementary interaction?
Two genes interacting to produce a phenotype that neither is capable of producing itself.
How is surpression epistasis recognized?
By showing three phenotypes rather than the expected four.
What is pleiotrophy?
One gene affecting more than one phenotype.
What are environmental effects caused by pleiotrophy?
Temperature, nutrition, pH, avaliablity of water.