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transposable elements were first seen in gen stud of?
transpos elem can move to new posit in ?
same and diff chrom
transpos elem are ________ percent of the human genome
plants and animal use _______________ mech to regul tranpos
what are 2 classes of euk transp?
class I dna---rna---dna
class II DNA--DNA
class I elem are also called?
RNA elements
Do humans have reverse transcriptase?? I thought they didnt?
I have to ask the teacher
what are the different names for class I transp?
1. RNA elements
2. retro elements
what is the movement called of class I ?
class I elements __________ be excised from the genome
class II elem are called DNA elements bec?
class II elem movies itself from one site in genome to another
class II _____________ excise from donor site
in maiz, Class ___________- led to unusual spotted kernels bec of their excision from g resp for pigm prod
Barbara mcclintock saw what occuring?
chromos 9. would break due to 2 factors. Ds dissasociat and Ac activator
chromos 9 breaks at _________ locus
breakage results in the loss of what wild type alleles?
C,Sh, Wx
the spotted kernel is an exampl of ?
an unstable phenotype
C g with Ds inserted is a
if Ds jumps away from C g what will happen?
revert to normal gene
the colorless, shrunken, not shiny part of the corn kernel was produced when?
a chrom frag cont C,SH, Wx is lost thr break at Ds locus. then these recessive alleles on homol chrom are expressed
new unstable alleles are prod when?
Ds inserts in the C g. Ac can excise Ds from C g which allows the color to be express again
c-m-Ds means
c-mutable (DS)
a strain with c-m(DS) and no Ac has what color kernels?
colorless. bec Ds cant move without Ac
a strain with c-m(DS) and Ac has what color kernels?
spotted. bec Ac activ Ds, in some c to leave
Ac activ Ds in some c to leave or to ?
excise, transpose
T or F
c-m (Ac)is always unstable
T or F
c-m (Ds) is always unstable
only when Ac is also present
Ds is probably a _______________ of Ac
incomplete, mutated version
autonomous elements are?
elements that req no oth elem for their mobility
non autonomous elem?
req oth elem for their mobility
Ac is a
a. auton elem
b. non auton elem
Ac is a
auton elem
element family
1. auton elem
2. nonauton elem that it can mobilize
what 3 things can a transpo do?
1. inactiv a g
2. cause chromosom break
3. transp to new locat
inser seq element are in?
insertion sequence elements
IS elements were first found in E coli in what g?
gal operon
phage lamda inserts next to?
gal operon
lambdadgal phage has?
picked up the gal region from the bact
phage lambda particles with gal mutation have __________ density than lambda with out gal mutat
why do lambda particl with gal mutat have higher density?
bec they have the gal g plus the IS, giving it more mass for the same volume
all IS have a prot called?
transposase is?
an enzyme req for mov of IS elements
all IS begin and end w?
short inverted repeat seq
T or F
E Coli has lots of IS
E coli
IS regions have ____________seq
recombination betw F fact plasmid and E coli chromosome to form Hfr strains is via?
single crossover betw an IS elem on F and IS on bact chrom
R factor is?
plasmid w g for resist to antib
Drug resist genes are located on?
Tn stands for
2 types of bact transpos are?
1. composite transpos
2. simple transpos
composite trans is?
collect of g inbetw 2 IS
bact composit transp has 2 IS oriented?
opposit direct
Inverted repeats are in _________ transposons
IS elements in composite transposons can not?
transpose on their own
the IS associated w simple transposons do not have the ___ enzyme
composite transposons have the transposase where?
in their IS seq
simple transposon have the transposase in their?
own seq, not in their IS seq
t or f
a transposon can jump from a plasmid to anoth plasmid
first step of transposition is?
transposase makes a staggered cut in target site DNA
the action of transposase is similar to?
restric enzymes that make breaks in sugar phosphate backbone of dna
after transposon inserts inbetw the staggered ends of the dna what happens?
host dna repair machinery repairs the breaks
integration of transpos makes a ?
five base pair duplication
the five base pair duplica at site of transpos insertion is called?
target-site duplication
t or f
each transpos type can have diff number of duplications
2 mechanisms of transposition are?
results of replicat pathway for transpos is?
1. new copy in new site
2. one copy stays at old site
conservative transposition
the transposon leaves ?
the old site and inserts into new site
"cut and paste " is the __________ mechanism
replicat transposition
transposition intermed is made up of?
a double plasmid with donor and recip being fused togeth
replicat transpos
format of double plasmid intermed is catalyzed by?
Tn3 encoded transposase
replicat transposition
donor plasmid + target plasmid ------ ?
replicat transpos
cointegrate separ back into 2 plasmids by ?
a recombinat like event
gerry fink
studied what gene?
HIS4 is involved in ?
pathway for synth of histidine
gerry fink studied what organism?
retrovirus has a ss
RNA ---DNA by?
reverse transcriptase
name 2 retroviruses responsible for tumours?
provirus is
ds dna copy of retroviral genome
retrovirus and Ty1 are both flanked by?
long terminal repeats
LTR are?
long terminal repeats
gag, pol, and env are 3 what?
prot that take part in viral replication
why cant Ty1 elements leave the c?
bec they dont have anything that encodes for env
retrotransposons are
transp elem that utilize revers transcriptase to go thr a RNA interm
class I transpos elem are?
use revers transcriptase to transpose thr rna intermed
retrotransposons are also called?
class 1 transposable elements
retrotranspos that have long terminal repeats are called?
copia like elements of drosophilia are?
spontant mutations w retrotransp insertions
only _________ have transposons that transpose thr rna intermed
class II elements are also called
dna transposons
DNA transpos act like ___________ in bact
IS elements
P elements in drosophilia are?
DNA transposons
p elements were discov by studying ?
hybrid dysgenesis
dysgenic means
biologically deficient
hybrid progeny are products of?
M cytotype- f from the lab
P cytotype m from the wild
M cytotype are ?
f drosoph from the lab
P cytotype are from?
m the wild
A f M cytotype and m P cytotype mate? what do you get?t
hybrid dysgenesis
a m M cytotype and a f P cytotype mate. what do you get?
no dysgenic offspring
eye color white
mutat causes by a ?
P element
transpos element insertion
explanation for hybrid dysgenesis?
P strains have p elements but also have a repressor
p elements have?
most laboratory strains of drosoph have no?
p elements, and thus no p repressors
f M type X m P type. the male does not contribute?
any cytoplasm which has the p repressor in it. so this lets the p element transpose.