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lac operon
the repressor only comes off when?
lactose is attached to it.
lactose interacts w the allosteric site of the?
repressor prot
repress prot recog
1. lactose
2. dna
describe steps in transcription of lactose
1. lact binds to repr
2. repr ch conf
3. repr cant bind to oper
4. gene is transcr
Oc mutation is constitutive. This means
its always on
Jacobs and minod used what combination of bact dna and plasmid dna to show that the operator is?
cis acting
Jacobs and monod used
I-Z+Y+ to show that
I- is constitutive
jacobs and monod used I-Z-Y+/F'I+Z+Y- to show that?
I+ is trans acting
I+ produces
an act protein
I+ will prod a normal repressor that can act?
on both the F' and and the bact dna
I+ is cis or trans acting?
trans acting
in jacob monod's exper if you had 2 I- what would you get?
const expression of the genes.
jacobs and monod
Is is ?
always repressed
Is mutation did what
ch the allost site of repr so it cant bind w inducer (lactose)
lac oper is under negat contr of?
lac repressor
lactose yields?
galactose and glucose
E coli prefers ____________ over lactose
e coli
lac opeo has posit regula by ?
E coli
In high gluc, cAMP is
CAP is
catabolite activator prot
CAP is prod by what gene?
crp gene
_________________ binds to promoter to permit lac operon induction
Binding of cAMP:CAP to promoter does what?
it bends the DNA and seems to expose the -35 and -10 sites of the operon to allow RNA polymerase to bind
the control region of the lac oper consists of
CAP site and RNA polym site
gluc pres, cAMP is low, no lact what happens
no lac mRNA
gluc pres, (cAMP is low), but lactose present what happens
very little lac mRNA is prod
no gluc pres, (cAMP is high), lact pres. what happens?
abundant lac mRNA
Why is the A gene attached to the Z and Y gene of the lac operon??????????
I dont know. gots to ask the teacher
in presence of arabinose AraC binds?
AraC protein is produced by ______________
the control region
AraC prot will make a diff shape in the absence of
what is an operon
a cluster of genes that act together.